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My name is Danil Harenskykh 

Videographer. Filmmaker. Pilot drone. Editor.

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In 2014, I made my first drone flight. From that moment everything turned upside down in my life. I was very passionate and there was no stopping me. Every day I was drowning in a huge amount of information about drones and shooting with them.


Gradually I came to the conclusion that I want to build my own drone.

The first attempts were unsuccessful, but as I said, I was unstoppable and I built, studied, practiced. A little later, I bought a DJI Phantom 3se and in parallel, after all, I assembled the first FPV drone. Drones changed and constantly wanted more. Therefore, I decided that in addition to buying new drones, I also want to shoot with a camera. I took an old Canon 650d, found a community of creative people and went to get experience shooting right away.


It's been a long time. During this time, I managed to: assemble the perfect set of equipment, work with large companies, famous artists and gain experience in shooting completely different projects. I do not stand still and every day I strive to improve the quality of my work, I always pay attention to my clients and work to the maximum


„Your job is to get your audience to care about your obsessions.“
Martin Scorsese

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